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The Sterifilt FAST and Sterifilt+ are syringe membrane filters designed to reduce harms associated with injection drug use.

In nearly 30 years, Apothicom has acquired a unique and recognised expertise in drugs filtration, thanks to the company’s collaboration with users and harm reduction programmes as well as with manufacturers based in France. The Sterifilt range is the result of these years of research and observation of practices.

Protection against
insoluble particles

Insoluble particles are present in almost all injected preparations, whether they are made of tablets and capsules (excipients) or street drugs (cutting agents). Once intravenously injected, these particles do not dissolve and therefore remain solid in the body. The risk particles involved in the onset of complications generally measure 10 to 20 µm.


In the short term, insoluble particles irritate and damage the veins. With a prolonged injection period, they will gradually disseminate and accumulate in the body, leading to pulmonary complications (such as pulmonary talcosis) and cardiac complications, or affecting other organs such as the eyes, liver or kidneys.

Sterifilt FAST and Sterifilt+ both eliminate insoluble particles very efficiently.

Elimination of
bacteria and fungi

Bacteria and fungi are two types of microorganisms that can cause infections, such as abscesses and other infections of the skin and soft tissues, but also more serious infections such as endocarditis.


Bacteria or fungi are present in almost all the mixes administered by people who inject drugs (PWID), for they are on the hands or in the mouth, on the preparation equipment and in non-sterile water, or in the drug itself.


Thanks to its 0.22-µm antibacterial membrane, Sterifilt+ removes bacteria and fungi from the solution to be injected in addition to insoluble particles.

The risk of viral transmission

While membrane filters like Sterifilt seem to be less reused and shared than cotton filters and other “makeshift” filters, they are not efficient against the risk of viral transmission. The only way not to expose oneself to it is to use sterile equipment for each injection and to not share it.

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Online training sessions (webinars) can be organised on demand to train in using these tools.
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The universal
Sterifilt range


  • All needleless syringes with Luer slip tip
  • Most 1 ml syringes with fixed needle

Due to their low dead space, it is recommended to use syringes with fixed needle for injection drug use. By limiting the volume of "wasted" liquid in the syringe when the plunger is fully pushed, the use of these syringes reduces the risk of viral transmission in case of sharing or re-use.

Instructions for use

The Sterifilt range being dedicated to harm reduction, the easy use and fast filtration were two essential criteria for their good acceptability by PWID.

Download the leaflet including the instructions for use.

Caution and advice
for use

Adopt the Sterifilt

Changing filtration method is not easy. Indeed, it requires a change of habit and involves learning a new manipulation. To filter easily with Sterifilt, it is recommended to practice in a calm environment, using water, and to take one's time before filtering a product to be injected.

Sterifilt does not protect against all risks associated with injection

Using Sterifilt FAST or Sterifilt+ reduces the risk of certain complications onset, but does not guarantee an injection without any infectious risk. Most contaminations comes from bacteria that are on the hands, in the mouth, on non-sterile equipment and water, or in the drug itself.

To reduce infection risks,
it is recommended to always:


Wash hands
before each injection


Disinfect the
injection site


Never re-use nor share
injection equipment


Never lick the needle.



Online training sessions (webinars) can be organised on demand to train in using these tools. Contact us at [email protected]

Try Sterifilt

Online training sessions (webinars) can be organised on demand to train in using these tools.
Contact us at [email protected]